Monday, July 6, 2015

HINDSIGHT: Last Leg 8/8

FAMILY and FRIENDS! (Same thing, right?)

Another fantastic week has unfolded in Arvada, Colorado. I wish I could shrink you all and chuck you in my pocket (because all good skirts have pockets) and carry you all with me all the time because then you would all get to see why MY LIFE IS SO FANTASTIC. I love serving a mission. It's the best. Don't look too closely though cause sometimes things get sticky. 

...Okay, I give up. I'm trying to keep things light here, but this is the last email that I'll be blasting out as your favorite Sister Bush in the history of forever.
I know, right?
Now that the elephant's out of the room...

This week really was amazing though. I keep trying to think of ways to top it but honestly things just keep getting sweeter and sweeter. 
We taught like madwomen this week which made my soul happy, but I'm gonna break it down into the best of the best, the Week 5 Highlight Reel. Hopefully my fingers can keep up.

-E: Rewind to my first week in Arvada way back in February. We (Sister Anderson and I) were making some calls to set up appointments for the upcoming week. The sisters before had been working with E for a few weeks so it wasn't anything special that we were calling her. Long story short she... didn't want to meet. *dropped* Fastforward to this week, where Sister Netherton and I were digging though the former investigators in our area book, and 4 names stuck out to both of us. We decided that this week we would stop by all 4. One of those people is E. The morning that we had planned to go stop by her house, we had a zone meeting all about family history. So when we got out to working that afternoon, we felt prompted that we should prepare ourselves to teach her about family history. WHAT THE MIRACLE?? Her heart was sooo softened (not that she was mean before or anything) and the Spirit was so strong. She had been thinking about family history for a while. She's due to give birth that week (yesterday, actually) and while thinking of baby names she was trying to understand more of her family names and where they come from. I've always been pretty shy about using family history in my proselyting efforts, but that's not the case anymore. The Spirit of Elijah, SUPER potent. 

HINDSIGHT; Last Leg 7/8

**Stay tuned next week, for the season finale of, The Best Journey EVER: A Sister Bush Tale**

Sorry for the shortness. 
This week I took a lot more time answering some back emails, because I love writing these so much that a ton go unanswered. 
Next week's letter will be a good one. Make no mistake.

A couple of cool moments though.
Our zone hiked to the top of the onllllly mountain in our mission, and we had this devotional at the top where we signed our own title of liberty. Here's me, signing it :). This was the day after the madness and miracles of our 28 investigator week. We were all really grateful and sooooo much faith was built in 7 days. We're livin the missionary DREAM out here.

unfurling my banner- high on the mountain top, naturally.

This weeks biggest victory was in linking arms with the members of the ward. We got to meet and council and teach together and NOW is where I feel we've hit the sweet spot of missionary work. Not like we reinvented the wheel or anything... I just know that all is well and that those I love are in good hands (that won't get transferred lol)

i love you all. talk to you next week <3

xo, Sister Bush

current residency ;) :

1001 Miracle Lane 

Arvada CO 80005 

HINDSIGHT; Last Leg 6/8

F A M I L Y.
AH! So guess what.
No one's answering me so I'll tell you :)
DO YOU REMEMBER last week, how I said that our zone prayerfully set a goal to find 27 new investigators in the past week? DO YOU REMEMBER??? After a week of pumpin it out, prayin it out, PLANNIN it out ;), and workin it out, our zone was blessed to find 28 new people to teach. 28! I don't know if I'm capable of describing the joy I feel getting to see these results. FAITH + WORKS = The Arvada Zone this past week. To put things into perspective, I've personally never found more than 1 new investigator on a good week in this area. That says something about my previous level of commitment I think.... and it also says TONS about WHOSE GAME THIS REALLY IS. The odds were stacked in our favor and fire raged through the missionaries in our zone. I witnessed it. I will ALWAYS remember this, and I'll never be the same.
It was pretty insane because at 8pm Sunday night we were still 2 short of our goal. The elders were NOT okay with this. We packed our little fireside up and hit the street. #miraclelane and were able to find the last 3 in the last 45 proselyting minutes of the week. CRAZY. 

Sister Netherton and I were also able to REconnect with our friend D! Who remembers D? I hope you all do... We lost contact with her for a couple of weeks, and we decided to try by her 1 more time before we would give her a break. We knocked. No answer :(. But in true Sister mish fashion, we left a sticky note on her door, and invited her to read Ether 12:26-27 (I've been feeling really strongly about that one lately ;) ). We left to go to our DELICIOUS dinner appointment, and when we came back we had a voicemail from an unfamiliar number.... :D We went and taught D again, and talked through what's been happening the past couple of weeks. #ADVERSARY, that sneaky bugger.
It was in the 4th watch of the week. Sunday evening, 7pm. IN ALL DILIGENCE. 
Doubt not, fear not. I know that God's had is over the Arvada 6th Ward. He loves these people so much. He's obsessed with them! haha

Speaking of obsessed.