Monday, March 2, 2015

Greetings loved ones, let's take a journey.
Never surrender.
Never quit.
No regrets.
I came across that in my study journal from a meeting a while back.
This week was a good week. We were able to be help and teach and push ourselves and pray and learn and all the makin's for a good week. 
What I learned this week:
Sincere desires are usually top priority on Heavenly Father's Prayers-To-Answer list.
So my least favorite thing about being transferred is not knowing where I am anymore. It's sooo frustrating (ok, maybe it's not but I definitely make myself frustrated). 1/2 of that frustration is definitely Pride (with a CAPITAL P), and my sincere dislike for not knowing where I am geographically and the other 1/2 is something like fear (with a little f ;)) because I kind of want to be as helpful as possible to my companion and the area and the people we teach.... AH! It might not be that big of a deal... but nevertheless. Things need to happen! 
*enter funny-lookin-blessing-in-disguise*
"Hi Sisters, this is Elder Law! blahflsdlgjfslkgjsrandomchitchat We're pulling the car from your area"
The mission is downsizing, so Sister Anderson and I will be on foot now! 
Ask and ye shall receive, right?
This. Is. EXACTLY what I've been waiting for. 
It's actually the first time I won't be serving in a car area (I've been super lucky) and I can't waiiiiiiiiit. 
Stay tuned, miracles to come ;)

xo, Sister Bush