Sunday, February 9, 2014

Temple Week!

The week in pictures cause time.. oh time.... (If anyone has any extra they're willing to share.. holla)

 Sister Hoemann and I! Reuinited and it feels so goooood

 Free Frosty coupon = happy missionaries!

 Chinese New Year package from mama! Gaoooooooooo :)

 Sister Fullmer and I are too stinkin precious for words #justsaying
 -A lady we visited had a Costco sized bag of Lindt (sp?) chocolates!! (Her fave's dark and mines white.... coincidence, I think not! #chocolateequality)
 Found out my camera can do cool tricks. Also found out Sister Fullmer can braid hahaha

 MTC seesters yayyyy
 Denver Temple what whaaat

 MTC district... incomplete. We tried.

 More MTC lovin