Thursday, October 17, 2013


(America's Next Top Missionary)

Clever, ain't it?

This past Tuesday I went out with "the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible" Emily. We went and chased the last bits of daylight at two of my favorite places on this rock: Kawainui Marsh and Castles. When my life flashes before my eyes, I'd be surprised (and disappointed) if there weren't scenes at these places on the reel. I'm excited for this new chapter of my life, and I think it's cool that we were able to sort of incorporate the past chapters into this as the backdrop for these photos (unintentional, just thinkin back on it now). Growing up 'round these parts wasn't by any means glamorous, but I mean... it was pretty beautiful. Tell me not. 

Anyway. Here are summa m'favorites from mine and Emily's pre-mish sesh (again with the unnecessarily necessary abbreviations. Sorr.)


 Then the sky got real, real fast.

Heavenly Father sure knows what He's doin, huh? We may have been on the straight up wrong side of the island to have properly watched the sun set, but not shabby. Not shabby at all.

Em's legit, right? You needn't tell me, I'm aware of this. She has a really charming way of capturing life and the adventures it contains. If you wanna see more of what she sees, check her out here!
Thanks again Emily, you're incredible! 

To anyone fighting blues this week, I love you. Remember: You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Missionary ;) Keep getting up, you're doing something right.


 (Proof that I'm not nearly as fetch as Em made it seem. She's magic I tell ya)

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