Thursday, April 17, 2014

Goodbye, My Love

SIKE! Sister Fullmer and I are staying together another transfer! Ohhhh yeah :).

This week, cool thingys happened:
-Free sonic! What?? Slushes have grown to be a thing with us, and we got ours for fweee the other day! So cool...
-Hair cuts! Woohooo!
-St. Pattys day dinner. Didn't get any good shots, but rest assured, there were copious amounts of corned beef, po-tay-tows, and cabbage! Und ROOT beer ;). Went the whole day without getting pinched, too!
-Relief Society birthday suaree! Cake n ice cream, in my belleh.
You know how sometimes you get a "this is gonna be great" feeling? Not in a mischevious way, or in a silly way, or anything like that. Think hopeful. I have that feeling about the days ahead. The odds are so stacked in our favor. I don't even care if by saying this I'm jinxing things.. This life, is amazing, and I really can't think of anything more fulfilling or happy-making than what I get to do now..
Something reaaally funny happened that I wanted to share... but I can't for the life of me remember what it was! :(. I fear that I might be doing this whole missionary thing wrong, cause I spent the LOADS of time smiling out here. I mean there is rejection to SPARE as a missionary, but the highs make everything beyond worth the lows.
Love you all sooo much! Laterrrr 

Zone of Enoch 2.0

Lookie who we pulled up next to! Sister Vest and Sister Reynolds! Oh happy day

Sister Fullmer gettin her weekly planning on

Elder Tonga is cousins with Pesi Kava! I stinkin LOVE Pesi! Island's too small..

-Cutest little blondie in the Zone of Enoch heartattacking some poor unassuming Sisters' apartment!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Feat. the new 'do. Can't see it so well, but the hurr is chopped!

After a baptism! Feat. the maternity dress hahahah. I love mah stripes.

 Haha... yeah... Middle part. Glasses. Call me Rico Suave. (I actually kinda like the middle part hahaha don't knock it)