Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Letter 3- "Get in loser, we're going tracting"

We took one of the young women tracting with us this past week hahahah. We thought we were clever when we said that. I don't know if she got it though. I hope she doesn't think we were just calling her names hahaha *bad missionary. But she got in the car soooo..
This week has proven to be much like the past few. "Useless, and disappointing." jkjkjkjk ahahh I'm so funny. It's been a steady emotional roller coaster. But if serving a mission is like riding an actual roller coaster, I LOVE roller coasters.

The week in review:

Monday: I... can't remember much of Monday other than the FHE we had with a member's house with a couple of the young women from the ward. We learned about the 10 virgins. It's been eons since I last studied that story, and we closed the lesson by going around and writing 2 things that we would do in our lives to serve as "drops of oil" in our "lamps." Everyone said lovely lovely thoughts, but the reoccurring "drop" was service. It was one of the first things to come to everyone's mind. Mull over that. What do you think is important to include into our "lamps" (email me if that's confusing... I can explain it better if need be hahahah)

Tuesday: Double dinner and mutual with the youth. We learned ourselves a thing or two about being on time. Nyehhh. But mutual was fun! We had a sort of "Meet the Missionaries" panel. We got questions like "what's your favorite cereal" and ones like "what do you think you will benefit most from on your mission." Was cool, and I hope we helped answer someone's actual questions, cause I honestly felt awks sitting on a stage with a mic talking about myself.

Wednesday: ..... I'm looking at my planner trying to decipher what exactly happened this day... but I can't.  Alls I remember is going to this Book of Mormon Study group at a members house in the morning and having my mind bottled. Yes, BOTTLED. It's amazing how much more you understand when the person reading has a magic Mother Goose voice.

Thursday: Oh, Thursday. The day eyybody decided to cancel on us.. Joy. BUT, we had a pretty bangin zone meeting! And when I say bangin I mean most spiritually uplifting... The Zone of Enoch doeth prevail.

Friday: This is the day we went tracting with Julia! Fun fun, and we got to visit with one of the ward members, one of our favorites! We hardly catch them at a good time so when they were home we were stoked to visit with them! Also, I learned that in winter some people let their poopies poop outside their house without cleaning it up... It's not cute and not appreciated. Also, I learned that I like the general idear of winter, but it's.... unideal when you're a missionary. Think cold wind. Mehhhhh.

Saturday: Exchanges!! This sista ventured out to Bible Park wo0o0oooo!!!! Haha I was actually really nervous for exchanges (which is when you do companion switcheroo for 24ish hours with Sister Training Leaders who are like supervisors for sister missionaries. They're other missionaries, not like older teachery supervisors if ya know what ah mean) but got really excited right when I got in the car. We got to do service at CafĂ© 180 (LOOK THEM UP, seriously the coolest joint ever) and that was fun and taxing and rewarding allll at the same time! We taught a few lessons that day and I felt so so productive! Not that Sister Fullmer and I are lame but man did I learn how to maximize my time! Sister Kim's a pro though, she has like 2 months left and is my great great biological missionary grandma! She's my trainer's trainer's trainer's trainer hahaha. We closed our exchange with an evaluation, and came to a realization that I didn't know. I'm homesick! Yayyyyyy!!! And that's normal! Yayyyy! After my unanticipated blubbering and some wise counsel from Sister Kim, she asked if there was something she could do for me. "Find me a rainbow.." the teary-eyed missionary said half-jokingly but mostly seriously. And find me a rainbow she did! I'm now the proud owner of a rainbow-shaped magnet! Through my sniffling, Sister Kim told me a story of 2 general authorities whose names escape me. The moral of the story was that "IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO NOT SHRINK THAN TO SURVIVE." Guys, we're not meant to just survive this life. We're not meant to just survive through homesickness. We're meant to grow. All the time. They say the only constant is change, and "they" are absolutely right. Don't shrink y'all. P.S. I got a killer headache in the middle of the day and  all but boom kanani down died. Kidding. But really hahah I can't remember much after I got back to Cherry Creek that night... Yayyyyyy hahahahah

Sunday: Lovely, as usual. I love this ward so stinkin much!

Monday: Surprise I went to the gym! And surprise!!!!! I learned how to crochet! No big deal.

Comfy sock monkeys meet comfy socks meet personal study

Zone of Enoch!

Are you sure this zone is sanitary? It looks questionable to me...

Look! SUN. Ha. Le. Loo. YUH.

Normal lunch.. #butreally

    Long lost post card, aforementioned rainbow :), and my favorite line from Sister Fullmers dad hahahahaah

Another week gone by, yeesh... ah well. I still love you guys, just in case you forgot. Laterrrrrr!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter 2- When it snows, it pours

Howdy and Aloha loved ones! Let's take a journey!

...Sister Fullmer tried. 
Let it not be said that I don't like snow. I actually really like snow, and getting to dress up for it, and not sweating, etc., etc. HOWEVER. Let it be said that being a missionary in the snow... is so not the business. Nevertheless, snow missed Christmas in Colorado by a couple of days, but it's here now. And it #cantstopwontstop.
BUT, as previously noted, Heavenly Father loves me! This week I had Loco Moco one night and kalua pig and rice another night. Hehe. So spoiled. Loco Moco, kalua pig, copious amounts of bacon and lotsa cocoa make for happy missionaries.
We went tracting in the previously mentioned Bel-Aire.. it was... less than fruitful. But we managed to get 1 appointment for the next day! WAHOOOO!!!! Then snow happened, and I'm 80% sure we got stood up. Fabulous, huh? Arms crossed for that one.
One thing (out of the thousands of things) that I'm grateful for about serving stateside is how strong the church roots are here. So many members can trace their ancestry to the pioneers and all that. It's insane!
Sidenote: This library, actually all the libraries here are SO busy. I don't know if it's just Mondays or what but everyone and their mama's trying to get on a computer. Which is cool and all, but ERRBODY talks like we're in a stadium or something. Like dang.

  Sister Fullmer and I's morning surprise
Our street covered in white stuff.

 Our jams yesternight, BUT look at the temperature!! Whyyyyy Colorado, WHYYYY?

 Sister SnowBush

 Sister MyNoseHairsAreFrozen-Fullmer

As always, I love you. Whoever you are, you reader you.
OH! Scripture(s) of the week: Psalm 143:10 & D&C42:61
Ok now I'm pau. Laterrrrrr