Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter 1- The First(ish) Month

Hello my friends! Everything is a'smooshed together, no one tells you about the weird mission time warp that occurs once you get set apart. Things happen slow, then things happened, and all you did was blink. It's weird. But I dig it. Without further ado...
Week 1- Tour De Utah
 So after getting set apart the night before Thanksgiving, mommy, Tessa and I were off to Utah! We pretty much ate and visited with important Utah-livin people. We had oodles of fun but can I just say that 1 week is a REAL long time to be set apart and in the world. Just. Sayin. I saw snow for the first time this week, ate at the beautifully wonderful Olive Garden for the first time, ate delicious cheesecake for Daddy's birthday.. Twas a good week.

Week 2/3- MTC- "Everyday, is a GREAT day"
Ohhh man. MTC time! The first day was #cray. So many smiling faces.. I think if I had heard "welcome to the MTC!!" a couple more times than I had, I would've slapped someone. Not really but DANG. Them Mormons are FRIENDLY. Saving grace: The District A Misfits. I just so happened to be assigned to THE greatest district ever. No exaggeration. Shall I introduce? Let me introduce. There's 8 of us all together.
2-my comp, Sister Hoemann! Lichrully a match made in heaven. She's so sarcastic (love it) and watches/reads all the same things as me :) it's amazazing.
3-Sister Malan! She slept on the bunk above me and she's the cutest tallest funniest missionary EVER. We always growl (kind of, it's a long story) at eachother before bed and she always does this super high karate kick when she's excited. It makes my life better hahaha
4-Sister Reynolds!!! The resident English sister. She's such a firecracker and always sings with me whether or not it's an appropriate time to do so.
5-Elder Lagman! Tells the most RANDOM stories at the most RANDOM times. He listens to screamo and stuff and randomly bursts out into it while singing hymns. I haven't decided if it's cool or scary yet but he tells super funny/lame jokes
6-Elder Gilming!! We're in constant competition for who's sassier and a lot of the times I think he wins (SIKE). Whenever someone's being ridiculous, if you look at either myself or elder Gilming, guarantee one of us is rolling our eyes hahahah. But really though.
7-Elder Bryan! So chill, but so funny. He's like the older brother of our district. So down too. Which is great for a missionary hahah. 
8 -Elder Neely hahahah he's like the glue/crazy little brother/District leader. We had this ongoing game of pterodactyl throughout the whole MTC. It was great and I almost
peed my pants whilst playing twice. Plus he's down to #hashtag errythin with a sista hahahaha #lolololololololololol
needless to say, I had the best time. I wrote in my journal (we can read that later) about all that I learned spiritually but I think what I wanna share the most here is how much I love these fools. If you're about to go into the MTC, love on your district my friend. You're all together for a reason. Trust.


Week 4- Yo homes to Bel-Air!
So after the shell-shock of getting out of the MTC bubble (we were LATE LATE LATE, like "be at the travel office at 3:15am" and wake up at 3:30 late. We looked a hot mess.) we hopped off the plane with a dream and our cardigans in COLORADO! whoooooo. After a semi-teary/ completely HASH farewell to the MTC gang, I headed out to Aurora arm in arm (figuratively) with Sister Fullmer :). We named our car Bethany and the GPS Felicia cause she takes us all over the dang creation. We live across from this place called Bel-Aire Estates! Wuddup Will Smiff!! We are assigned to the Cherry Creek ward, and we share the ward with elders. The ward is nothing short of amazing! We're so spoiled (especially cause it's Christmas time) and the ward love love loves to help us. In our ward there are a couple people with Hawaii ties, including the Kishi family :). They were even in our ward when we lived in Aiea (I was so young, I don't remember anyone from that ward hahaha) BUT they are amazing and gave me a calendar from home and a jar of li hing powder. HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERS PRAYERS YALL.  And on top of that we live with the Taylors! They are amazing, their house is beautifully decorated all the time, and the have like a never-ending supply of bacon. Paraparaparadise...

Week 5- A very Cherry Creek Christmas
Christmas week is weird as a missionary, but I'll say it once, I'll say it a thousand times, I LOVE it! Sister Fullmer and I got matching Christmas p'jammies, and Brother Kishi made us spam musubi YAYYYY but we were fasting :( but they tasted DELICIOUS when we broke our fast. mmmmmm. We met more fab ward members, including Sister Alexander who has a rad map of missionaries that come through the area on a fabric mat thing. Our zone went caroling Christmas night, and Sister Reynolds is in my zone so I got to see her :) #uglytears. It snowed Christmas eve, so we took Christmas card pictures! I met the cutest Newfoundland, Sophie on Christmas Day. The Taylors front walk reminds me of the flower path they made on Harriet the Spy. Our investigator came to church on Sunday. She's great, she's a shot of life! What can I say other than.... EVERY DAY IS A GREAT DAY IN THE SERVICE OF THE LORD... But really.

As usual, if you're here reading, I love you. Lots. Laterrrrrrr