Monday, July 6, 2015

HINDSIGHT; Last Leg 6/8

F A M I L Y.
AH! So guess what.
No one's answering me so I'll tell you :)
DO YOU REMEMBER last week, how I said that our zone prayerfully set a goal to find 27 new investigators in the past week? DO YOU REMEMBER??? After a week of pumpin it out, prayin it out, PLANNIN it out ;), and workin it out, our zone was blessed to find 28 new people to teach. 28! I don't know if I'm capable of describing the joy I feel getting to see these results. FAITH + WORKS = The Arvada Zone this past week. To put things into perspective, I've personally never found more than 1 new investigator on a good week in this area. That says something about my previous level of commitment I think.... and it also says TONS about WHOSE GAME THIS REALLY IS. The odds were stacked in our favor and fire raged through the missionaries in our zone. I witnessed it. I will ALWAYS remember this, and I'll never be the same.
It was pretty insane because at 8pm Sunday night we were still 2 short of our goal. The elders were NOT okay with this. We packed our little fireside up and hit the street. #miraclelane and were able to find the last 3 in the last 45 proselyting minutes of the week. CRAZY. 

Sister Netherton and I were also able to REconnect with our friend D! Who remembers D? I hope you all do... We lost contact with her for a couple of weeks, and we decided to try by her 1 more time before we would give her a break. We knocked. No answer :(. But in true Sister mish fashion, we left a sticky note on her door, and invited her to read Ether 12:26-27 (I've been feeling really strongly about that one lately ;) ). We left to go to our DELICIOUS dinner appointment, and when we came back we had a voicemail from an unfamiliar number.... :D We went and taught D again, and talked through what's been happening the past couple of weeks. #ADVERSARY, that sneaky bugger.
It was in the 4th watch of the week. Sunday evening, 7pm. IN ALL DILIGENCE. 
Doubt not, fear not. I know that God's had is over the Arvada 6th Ward. He loves these people so much. He's obsessed with them! haha

Speaking of obsessed.
We had a really cool opportunity to be a part of a focus group for new pamphlets, and part of a research for companionship study while a new missionary is being trained. 2 sisters from the Missionary Department in Salt Lake came and sat with us and some other missionaries in our zone to discuss the pamphlets  and then the next morning they came to our house to observe how we studied and see what tools were most effective and what else could help us. IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY. It was a special testimony to me of the innerworkings of the church itself, and we got a little peak at just how much care and time goes into making the things we do as efficient as possible. At the end of our companionship study I asked the sisters what they noticed that we could improve on. One sister noted something that Sister Netherton said earlier about learning to love the people. She bore her testimony to us that Heavenly Father loves us all SO much, and that HE is obsessed with us and who we are and who we are becoming. So He sends us out. She said that if He wanted 2 missionaries to prepare the entire world for the second coming, He could do it. She pleaded with us not to worry, and to press forward with confidence in our calling. The work will get done, and we get front row seats. 
Just wanted to share that.

We met with our new Ward Mission Leader 2 times this past week, Brother Cole is READY TO GO! His family is new in the ward, it's been really inspiring to see them step up and really make the most of being in a new ward. We're really grateful to work with him in this ward. 

I went on my last exchange of my mission this week! With... SISTER HOEMANN! Did someone say FULL CIRCLE?? First companion ever, last exchange ever. TOO perfect. We worked in the Savory Ponds Ward and it was glorious, to say the least.

Stake Conference was also this weekend. Elder and Sister Lawrence came and addressed the stake on light. He challenged us all to study the concepts of both Light and Dark in the scriptures. He taught us that our successed is measured by how much light we gain. Food for thought. I don't have time to go through and share everything I learned from him this past weekend. Round 2 with Elder Lawrence in the CDNM. PRICELESS.

I love you all so much. 
I hope I did this week justice, it was probably the best week of my mission.

xo, Sister Bush

current residency ;) :

1001 Miracle Lane 

Arvada CO 80005 

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