Monday, July 6, 2015

HINDSIGHT; Last Leg 7/8

**Stay tuned next week, for the season finale of, The Best Journey EVER: A Sister Bush Tale**

Sorry for the shortness. 
This week I took a lot more time answering some back emails, because I love writing these so much that a ton go unanswered. 
Next week's letter will be a good one. Make no mistake.

A couple of cool moments though.
Our zone hiked to the top of the onllllly mountain in our mission, and we had this devotional at the top where we signed our own title of liberty. Here's me, signing it :). This was the day after the madness and miracles of our 28 investigator week. We were all really grateful and sooooo much faith was built in 7 days. We're livin the missionary DREAM out here.

unfurling my banner- high on the mountain top, naturally.

This weeks biggest victory was in linking arms with the members of the ward. We got to meet and council and teach together and NOW is where I feel we've hit the sweet spot of missionary work. Not like we reinvented the wheel or anything... I just know that all is well and that those I love are in good hands (that won't get transferred lol)

i love you all. talk to you next week <3

xo, Sister Bush

current residency ;) :

1001 Miracle Lane 

Arvada CO 80005 

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